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   ShenZhen YongXinTong Electronics Co.,LTD is a well-established manufacturer and exporter of electronic products in China mainland. Our product range includes telecommunication equipment, HDMI Switch,HDMI Splitter,KVM Switch,VGA Splitter,HDMI Repeater,USB2.0 TO RS232 Cables,etc. Our diverse products together with stringent QC testing system always give us a competitive edge over other competitors. Equipped with advanced production facilities, testing equipments and strong R&D team, we are able to provide ultimate solutions to meet customers' various demands. In fact, over the past years, we have experienced to work with reputable importers for their own logos and specifications. Having been certified by CE and FCC, most of our products can meet the standards of different regions.

Our Vision: We strive to be a globally recognized products innovator & supplier by keeping pace with the ever-changing technologies and provide the timeliest products to worldwide customers.

Our Mission: We are committed to meet the demands of different people in different regions and do our utmost to gratify customers.

Our Motto: We must bear in mind all the time - top quality, competitive price, innovative design, superior service, prompt delivery and excellent after sales support.

Main camp product:
1. USB/KVM series:USB KVM Switch
2. HDMI series: HDMI Switch,HDMI Splitter , HDMI Extender
3. DVI/VGA series:DVI  Splitter
4. Cable:KVM Cable,RS232 Cable,HDMI Cable
5. VGA Series:VGA Splitter

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